Will & Anne Downie


About Will & Anne

Will and Anne Downie have been working with partner organisations in South East Asia since 2007 to help alleviate poverty. In early 2011 they visited Cambodia for a holiday and felt a strong desire to be able to do something to help the Cambodian people. Many short term trips to Cambodia later they are now in a position to be “hands on” in Cambodia organising and dealing with the projects.

Will has a farming and business background. Anne has a background in Accounting, training and small business ownership. They have six adult children and a growing tribe of grandchildren.


Cambodia is a nation with a broken past. The Vietnam war, the civil war and the Khmer Rouge regime during the 1970’s has left the country in tatters. Nearly two million Cambodians lost their lives during that time . Thousands more have been killed or maimed by land mines since that time.

Will and Anne have a love for the Cambodian people and a passion for helping those in need. They assist individuals and families along the path to becoming self sufficient and with this comes a sense of self worth and a hope for the future when in the past the future has seemed bleak. They do this in collaboration, when appropriate, with village officials and community involvement together with other organisations who they partner with.


English Teacher

Education is the best way to empower children with the knowledge, strength and confidence needed to understand and promote their own growth, self-sufficiency and rights. With education children can leverage themselves and their families out of the cycle of poverty.

Our program provides for the services of an English teacher at a Primary School at the  old tip site in Phnom Penh which is an area of extremely poor families who attempt to survive by scavenging items from the rubbish dump.

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To find out more

To learn more about Will and Anne and the work they are doing visit http://www.raisecambodia.org.au/