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Paul and Kim predominately run a missional business that operates as a professional education centre.  They focus on language, vocational instruction and development assistance as pathways to reaching people with news of abundant life. The business keeps the door open to take the Good News to the city and rural people who both live in bondage to superstition and fear of spirits.

Together Paul and Kim have over a decade experience on the field in South East Asia.  Paul developed the 2 year bakery program which commenced with their first students in 2012 plus runs a monthly Sunday Fellowship meeting for all Christian Expatriates in the area. He also is providing the indigenous churches with evangelistic materials including Bibles.  Kim’s background has been in ministry leadership and accounting which has both been used extensively in their work.  They both are house parents to the male students in their care and are often involved in trips to rural villages to supply warm clothing, basic medical supplies and sports equipment to many families.  They mobilize teams to run program and special English classes as well.

The English school teaches 250 students at any one time and is a centre that is approved by the government to give recognized certificates in English. The school sponsors many students including English teachers from the university or the Teachers Training College and it also sponsors monks and Christians from rural villages living in town, who cannot afford to study without this support.

The English course is “clean” but teachers and sponsored Christian students practice friendship Evangelism with students and invite interested students along to the youth program.

The centre also operates vocational training courses. Though only the bakery course is government approved, all the courses are designed to encourage rural people into the work force. Tribal people are normally treated as third class citizens, and have few job opportunities other than subsistence farming.  The tribal students live in segregated homes with house parents. Special courses for illiterate students has been created to assist students enter the Housekeeping and Bakery programs.  

Vocational students are normally selected from villages that have a church. This is because in addition to their work training they have joint Christian studies, and are taught to become leaders and worshipers within the church. Part of the student’s course is for them to run Sunday school programs and youth programs at selected churches. Both the Sunday school and the youth programs are Evangelistic and they have seen a number of salvations through them.


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