Paul & Deb Hilton, Vietnam


Paul & Deb are long term field workers in Vietnam who are passionate about seeing the people in their world become all that God desires them to be. They have gained incredible favour with government and communities by working closely together to see real transformation happening at many levels. They moved to Vietnam in 1992, where they founded AOG World Relief Vietnam, and began with providing vocational training for the blind and child sponsorship of 100 kids. 

Since then their work has continued to grow and expand in response to the needs of the communities they world in. Today their work includes: Community Development; Child & Youth Advocacy; and Life Skills Training initiatives. These needs have and will continue to be identified through direct consultation with the communities themselves and the government authorities of these areas

Through regular engagement with community leaders, they are helping them journey in their thinking from ‘welfare to development’ and seeing sustainable solutions being implemented to address important issues such as poverty alleviation, access to clean water, health care & child advocacy.

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