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Robbie Housen and her late husband, Jeff, moved to Mozambique in 1999 with the vision to train and release church planters into communities across the country. Prior to this, they were missionaries in India and Thailand, serving under churches and Bible Colleges, and even founding a Women's Bible School and Church Planting Institute. 

In 2000, they established Hope College and have seen in excess of 50 churches planted in 7 out of the 10 Provinces across Mozambique, and countless lives and communities impacted by the Gospel. The College is a live-in leadership, mentoring, training and church planting centre raising up the next generation of leaders in Mozambique. 

As Robbie looks to the future it is extremely important that Hope College continues to create leaders that build hope, empower change and shape the future, not only of the nation but of the leaders being produced.  Hence Hope's vision and focus of interdenominational Leadership Training and Church Planting is not changing but is expanding beyond the churches to embrace everyone, just as Jesus did. 

As an organisation they are involved in Leadership Development, Church Planting, and Community Transformation projects including wells, agriculture, village health care, literacy, education (Hope Centre child care, early learning and after school tuition centres) and business development. The Hope Centre not only teaches the students about how to be church planters but also gives them skills and knowledge about becoming self-sustainable, especially through the Hope Centre and practical training through the Hope Farm.

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