Erik & Mariaana Klar, Thailand



“We are here to serve the cause of Jesus Christ in South East Asia. To point the way to Him and to equip and empower people to find their place of effectiveness in His Church.”


Erik and Mariaana Klar are the founders and senior leaders of The River Asia. They are second generation missionaries in Thailand, since Mariaana’s parents (The Raassinas) pioneered the Pentecostal movement in 1946 in what was then known as Siam. The Klars’ son and daughter, who were brought up in Thailand, are now serving at Hillsong in Brisbane.

Erik and Mariaana lead a strong team, which is both Thai and International, serving across the nation of Thailand, and across cultural divides doing community development, church planting, leadership training, age and interest specific programs. Examples of these are regular community care visitation program, English in schools, sports activities, kids and youth clubs.

Presently, The River Asia has campuses in Hangdong, Chiang Mai; in Huei Hia, Mae Hong Son; in Bangkok, the nation’s capital; and in Sungai Kolok, Narathiwat located at the southernmost tip of Thailand. The River Asia also works in close collaboration with churches in Indonesia,Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 


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