Daniel & Maree *

Daniel & Maree* are some of our most experienced overseas workers, having been living amongst Islamic peoples for over 20 years. Their dream is for strong indigenous leadership and ownership of vision. They partner and facilitate a network of National Leaders who are pioneering movements towards Christ.

They are primarily involved in training National cross cultural workers, coordinating a media network, (incl. radio, print and internet) for those responsive from amongst the unreached community, facilitating direct engagement with Islamic education structures and running Lifeskills courses in communities.

Despite the massive challenge of numerous Muslim language groups in the region with less than 1% Christ followers, the National team they pioneered has now seen significant fruit. The National Leaders are a part of a larger Apostolic Network who, despite their small beginnings, are starting to see the effects of what was dreamt about 5-10 year ago.

* Names changed and location withheld


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