Rudy & Lara Rudresh, Thailand


To build up marginalised men, women, and their families with value, worth and dignity, including a relationship with God.

Rudy and Lara Rudresh, with their daughters Esther (18 years old) and Zinah (15 years old) have been in Thailand since 2003. They have made their work base in Chiang Mai North Thailand since 2005.

Rudy and Lara have a passion to disciple men, women and their families to be strong in the purposes of God and His mission, and also to give them the opportunities to be vocationally trained for sustainable household incomes. To achieve this they are partnering with a Thai foundation called GEI-Thailand.

Their ministry activities include:

  • Discipleship of men and women
  • Vocational skills training with personal & leadership development
  • Pastoral care and mentorship of women and their families.


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