Rob & Daeng Garnsey, Thailand


Rob and Daeng Garnsey along with their two daughters Natalie and Motannoy are long serving Missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Daeng being a Thai national and a Christian of 30 years is in management and a leader of The River Foundation which involves using her gifts and talents of administration, preaching, mentoring and leading. Rob has lived in Thailand for the past 13 years and has a heart to create strong communities by building project based work in Chiang Mai.

Rob and Daeng founded their project called Seeds of Hope Thailand which is based in Hang Dong, Thailand.  Their goal is to train local men and women to gain skills in building, project management, designing plans, budgeting and learning trades such as welding ,blocklaying, plumbing and other facets of the building trade.

The Seeds of Hope property includes a training facility where much of the skills can be taught from.  In addition this facility enables additional community building projects to take place such as constructing playgrounds and assisting the Buddhist Mayor in a neighboring town to create better living conditions for many of the poorer communities.


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