James & Twyla Higgins, Thailand


James and Twyla Higgins are ACCI Field Workers who are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand along with their two children Narelle and Avilyn. Both James and Twyla are missionary kids, having grown up in Chiang Mai since ages 10 and less than 1 years old respectively. Both speak fluent Thai, have strong roots in Northern Thailand and a passion to serve long-term in this field. James completed his Bachelors in Ministry in 2016 and has been studying while serving on the field.  He also produces the promotional media for Partners Relief & Development. 

Their mission is to demonstrate God’s love to children and communities made vulnerable by conflict and oppression.  They are driven by the belief that every child should have access to a loving family, clean water, a good education, a roof over their heads and above all, genuine hope for their future. 

They are accomplishing this by working as part of a team of people under Partners Relief and Development in Burma and Northern Thailand, where they join hands with locals to seek community-based solutions that strengthen families, meet their needs in times of acute crisis and create nurturing environments that allow children to reach their full potential.

Visit www.partnersworld.org to find out more!


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