Penny Nakanishi, Japan


Penny is a church planter and missionary serving the Lord in Hirakawa City, Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, where only one in a thousand people identify as Christian. Two-thirds of Japan`s 2,793 rural areas in Japan do not yet have a church in their town and city. This accounts for 14 million people living in rural Japan with no church. Hirakawa-city was one of these cities. Penny moved to Hirakawa in April 2014 and has since planted: ‘Hirakawa Christ Gospel Church’. Penny also uses her time to reach out to 66 students and their families through her English school ministry. 

The church continues to impact its community through special events such as parenting seminars, Gospel concerts and leadership seminars. In August 2017 Hirakawa Church officially was welcomed into the TPKF group of autonomous Pentecostal churches. This has opened up wonderful opportunities for teams to be sent and for collaboration.

"Again I have learnt that even as a small church plant with limited resources there is so much that we can do!"


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