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Paula is a credentialed Pastor with Australian Christian Churches (formerly Assemblies of God in Australia). 

In 1995 Paula’s late husband Ashley went on a short term mission trip to the Philippines. On this trip God arrested Ashley’s heart and this began God’s drawing and getting their attention for this gorgeous country and the beautiful people of the Philippines. 

By 1997 they both knew they were called to the Philippines in a full time capacity, however all the doors remained tightly closed. They continued to raise their family, be involved in their home church, get whatever missions training and attend conferences they could, and go on short term trips to the Philippines.

In 2012 all the doors that had remained closed for all those years began to miraculously open after making one inquiry phone call.

In July 2014, they left for the full time mission field in Philippines. Sadly after a very tragic set of circumstances Ashley passed away on the mission field on the 6th January 2015. He had been unfortunately misdiagnosed with Pneumonia & Tuberculosis. On returning his body to Australia his family were able to have an autopsy performed on Ashley. This revealed that he in fact had Cancer throughout much of his body.

Paula is now continuing the work that her and her late husband started and she has a passion to see people walking in their God given gifts, talents and calling. She has a love for the least and a deep desire to be a voice for the marginalized and outcast, leading them to a relationship with Jesus and discipling them so they then can disciple others. 

Her mission is to facilitate church planting by nationals amongst the poor in the Philippines. 

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