Eliseo & Eli Saltaleggio, Romania


Eliseo and Eli Saltaleggio are preparing to return to the field in Romania after taking time off to work on Eliseo's Australian citizenship.  They believe God has given them a heart for families and their passion is to see children grow up in healthy families knowing the love of their parents and their Heavenly Father.

They will be working alongside two NGO's whose ministry is focused on evangelising children and providing support systems for their families. These NGO's organise camps for underprivileged kids where they can hear the gospel and be blessed. They also will be involved in a weekly kids club where children from the villages have opportunity to attend and hear the good news.

Romania ranks first in the European Union in terms of relative poverty.  At 40.2% Romania's population is exposed to poverty and social exclusion, that's 4 in every 10 people.  70% of the country's rural population are living below the poverty line and more than half of all children (51%) under 18 in Romania are at risk of poverty.

With statistics like these Eliseo and Eli together with their daughter Josephine are looking forward to serving the families of Romania through supporting their young ones and those less fortunate through social help, material goods and educational equipment.


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