Pat and Gina, South-East Asia




Michael, Rhianon, Pat and Gina are establishing a Social Enterprise Company called "Capacityvietnam".  Capacityvietnam is an international partnering organisation delivering support to those in need and who are  recovering from mental health and substance abuse issues while building the vocational​ skills and capabilities of those people to help themselves.

Triple 8 Motorbikes will be a sustainable business, providing trainee-ships within a fully operational motorbike repair shop. 

In partnership with Aquila Drug Rehabilitation Centre, selected graduates from their program will receive practical, on-the-job training and experience in repairing and servicing motorbikes, start up tool kits and a trainee wage.  After 12 months training and experience, they will have an opportunity to overcome the stigma of their past and to access employment opportunities.

These trainee-ships will be funded through donations while the business is being established, and all profits will be sown back into trainee-ship and developing this training program.

Once registration has been received, likely in July, the next step is to secure a workshop facility and be functioning by October​, 2018.

Please follow the link for further information on the other areas of work CapacityVietnam is involved in.

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