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Alex has had a passion for Japan for as long as he can remember. He has visited Japan numerous times over the years, and also engaged in a 3 months missional term of service with a local church in Japan. He has become keenly aware of the spiritual poverty and emotional brokenness within the Japanese society, and is burdened with a deep desire to restore the Japanese people’s relationships with God and one another. With a background in business and psychology, Alex is looking to use his professional as well as ministry skills in long-term missionary service to reach the Japanese people for Jesus. He is looking to be involved in church planting and focusing on community networking, targeted outreaches, discipleship training, and leadership development.

Why Japan?

Japan is a largely unreached Asian nation where less than 1% of the population is Christian.

It is a country with many spiritual strongholds – in historical, cultural and social arenas – and deep spiritual hunger unsatisfied through numerous paganist and cultic expressions. However, the Japanese people are naturally curious about things they do not understand, and their innate consideration for others and social friendliness lend toward cross-cultural interactions and sharing of information. For a country with a total population of over 127 million, these factors represent a rich national field opportunity for Christian ministry.


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