Mark & Christine Pedder, Philippines


Mark and Christine Pedder work and live in one of the largest slums in Asia as missionaries. They are ordinary people, trying to make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor.  Their home is found in around 1 square km of reclaimed land, with an estimated 16,500 families living on it in abject poverty. The average family size is mum, dad and 4 to 6 children, with extremes where families have more than 10 children. The lowest possible population estimate where the Pedder's live is about 125,000 people.  Missions to Mark and Christine is all about discipleship, church planting, educational development, birthing programs, career coaching and thought development and believe Salvation is total transformation.

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The fire that swept through Parola on Tuesday 7th February, 2017 has had a devasting effect on this community. It is estimated that up to 3,000 families lost their homes and everything that they had. With an average family size being 8 people, there are a lot of people requiring immediate assistance. Their names have been counted and registered by local authorities and many of them are staying nearby the burnt out slum area or at various other nearby locations, but they have very little.

Mark and Christine Pedder's heart is to start a rice distribution program for the next few weeks to assist the families that have been affected by the Parola Fire.  

One 50 kg sack of rice for AUD$50 will feed 4 families for up to a week, AUD$100 will feed 8 families for a week, AUD$200 will feed 16 families for a week and so on.

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