Rudy + Lara Rudresh, Thailand


Bliss Housekeeper Vocational Training & Discipleship Project (M202)

To build up marginalised women with value, worth and dignity, including a relationship with God

Many of these women come from remote communities, low socio economic backgrounds and have never heard the Gospel. For these unskilled and marginalized women, becoming a housekeeper not only gives them life skills but also gives them an identity in a society that continually keeps putting them down as women. Our ministry advocates for their dignity and worth with their employers, families, communities and helps them to integrate into a supportive social network of women. 

Lara’s role is the training, mentoring and discipleship of these women

Project Impact

  • Bliss certified Housekeepers
  • Employment placement by Bliss
  • Bliss mentorship
  • Regular household incomes
  • Social network of women
  • Build relationships with their families.
  • Discipleship leading to Salvation
  • Prayer and Social network for women
  • Church network for families
  • Ministry opportunities for women
  • Stronger families

Make A Difference

Any financial support makes a difference, but as a guide:

Training, mentoring, discipleship for 1…$200

Training, mentoring and discipleship for 5…$1,000

Training, mentoring and discipleship for 25…$5,000

Rudresh Family

Rudy & Lara Rudresh, with their daughters Esther (18 years old) and Zinah (15 years old) have been in Thailand since 2003. They have made their ministry base in Chiang Mai North Thailand since 2005.  They primarily work through GEI Thailand with a focus on training, mentoring and discipleship, however, continue to partner with the River Team Thailand in their outreach activities and fellowship at the River Church.

Rudy & Lara have a passion to give men and women the opportunities be trained and have regular household income. Their ministry activities are vocational training, pastoral care, mentoring and discipleship of men and women

Lara’s focus is working with women through the training program called Bliss Housekeeper Network for training women. While Rudy is in the process of establishing a vocational training program for a network of men with focus on training for men in the business of Property Care and Maintenance.

Esther has been accepted by Calvin College in Michigan US.  This is an answer to her prayers that God will lead and open the correct door for her to study in the US. Pray for the funding scholarships that she has applied will come through as God leads. She completes her high school studies at Grace International School in May 2017.

Zinah is doing very well in school. She is going to miss her sister as she graduates in May 2017. Both spend time together doing fun activities.

Rudy & Lara are endorsed as ACCI Missionaries 

How You Can Support

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