Strengthening Families for Abandoned Children (SFAC)


Strengthening Families for Abandoned Children (SFAC) believes that children deserve the chance to thrive in safe families. As the international discussion on the rights of children is beginning to place greater emphasis on the need for children to be in families, not institutions, SFAC has been working since 2002 to equip those already working with and caring for vulnerable children in order to see more children thrive in safe families.  

SFAC comes alongside people who work with, care for, and make decisions on behalf of vulnerable children around the world. Our aim is to equip them with the professional knowledge, skills and resources required to provide children with best practice care. SFAC has worked in over 30 countries and helped many organisations, from the smallest grassroots NGOs to the highest levels of government and judiciary, to find local solutions to the unique challenges they face in the care for vulnerable children. This has led to thousands of children around the world being reunited with their families or, where this hasn’t been possible, placed in safe alternative families.

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